What Are The Best Films About Hackers?


Do you have a knack for the best hacker movies? Believe it or not, you can learn much about the world of cybercrime and hackers by watching such films. Although the Hollywood version tends to be more action-packed than it actually is, the number of similarities between hacking films and what happens in real life may very well surprise you.

The characters could seem a little stereotyped in these movies however they aren’t too different from real-life cybercriminals. As for the storylines, they have frequently been inspired by past events or – alternatively – what could happen in the future. Most of the movies included below feature a central theme surrounding hacking although others make the cut owing to certain characters or enough scenes on the subject.


In Algorithm, a freelance computer hacker uncovers a mysterious government computer program. He breaks into it and is thrust into a revolution.

Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye is an action-packed film which follows two strangers who are both following orders that are being issued from an unknown source. The source seems to have been hacked into and gained control over bank accounts, traffic lights, cellphones and even power lines. As the tale gets deeper, the duo realise that this source is controlling and dictating the actions and behaviours of other individuals as well. They are determined to reveal who or what is hacking into the collective networks.


Before Chris Hemsworth portrayed the legendary god Thor, he acted as Nicholas Hathaway, who was a convicted computer hacker in Blackhat.

The movie begins with a digital attack on the Chicago Mercantile Trade Exchange. This attack motivates FBI participation which leads to a convicted hacker, Mr Hathaway (Hemsworth’s character) being recruited onto the team to stop the attackers. 

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During the movie, Hathaway leads the series representing the rise of a fallen hero. Having the required skills, Hathaway may be the only person capable enough of stopping the dangerous motive behind these cyber-attacks.

War Games 

David Lightman (who is played by Matthew Broderick) unwittingly hacks into a US military supercomputer and plays “Global Thermonuclear Warfare”. High tension takes place after this. Arguably the first film in “hack-sploitation,” which cemented the cliched depiction of hackers as bored teenagers in their bedrooms who are up to no good with computers – and in way over their heads.


Robert Redford (who plays Martin Bishop) heads up a team of security experts who are hired by the National Security Agency (NSA) to steal a decoder which can break almost any encryption code. However, they are framed for the murder of the device’s inventor and need to do everything to clear their names.


This hacker movie got a lot of things right, particularly the way in which they showed kids using technology in order to create their own community. Much the same way sites now offer an online casino welcome bonus to do the same.

In this movie, Angelina Jolie and Jonny Lee Miller are two youthful and hip hackers. Miller portrays a hacker who is caught as a young child (11) after crashing thousands upon thousands of PCs and has been sentenced to no computer access up until his 18th birthday.

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